2 Day on South Africa’s Vaal River

January 05, 2021 by sitontop_kayak

Weeks of lockdown and restrictions on all activities deprived us of the last weeks of summer and autumn. Finally able to get on the water, Vagabond Kayaks’ Celliers Kruger and Lisa de Speville dusted the cobwebs off their Vagabond Marimba kayaks for a leisurely two-day trip down the Vaal River. Where the Day 1 section has many channels and a number of sweet class 1 rapids, Day 2’s absolutely flat-as-a-pancake water offers up beautiful scenery. Typical of the area’s winter conditions, the days were warm (highs of 75) and the night dipped cold enough to freeze water on their kayaks.

These two embrace their company’s slogan – Go Anywhere.

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