Adjusting Ferrule Tension in your Joystick Paddle

December 28, 2020 by sitontop_kayak

Joystick Paddles likes to boast that it’s Full Metal Ferrule is the lightest, most durable system on the planet.  Here’s one reason they’ll probably last you a lifetime: located inside every ferrule is a secret mechanism that allows you to add or reduce tension.  It’s pretty easy to do.

1.  Remove the screw from the ferrule (it’s tiny, don’t lose it.).  The arm comes off and a bolt is exposed that adjusts tension.

2.  Place the arm back onto the bolt and now you can adjust tension of the ferrule.  Righty tighty, lefty loosey.

3.  Once you have tension you like, place the arm into the open position.  Return the screw to it’s rightful place and tighten.


Getting the exact tension you want can take a little trial and error, but having the tension dialed in keeps the paddle in great working order for a lifetime.  Here’s a video on the same subject:

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