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Swell Scupper 12 Pre-Sale Dec 18-Jan10!!!

17 December

Swell Watercraft Scupper 12 Pre-Sale Swell Watercraft is launching it’s second kayak into the US market in February.   They’re offering a 20% pre-sale discount on the first units available!  That means you can now get yourself a Scupper 12 for just $751.20.  But perhaps you are wondering……. What is the Scupper 12?   Swell Watercraft […]

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Heroes- Homemade Kayak Loader

07 December
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See the South African Factory Where Our Kayaks Are Made

12 October
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Scuba Tank Attachment in Scupper 14 ‘Tankwell’

12 October
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PayPal Later on Your Kayak

27 July

You can now choose “PayPal Later” at checkout on your kayaks right here. It takes seconds to get accepted to the program. Once you’re in, you’ve got a few options. “Pay in 4” is interest free and allows you to split up the cost of your kayak into 4 payments. You make a down payment, […]

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Scupper 14 Sold Out for August Container

13 July

The popularity of the Scupper 14 kayak is not slowing down, as all boats on the August 26 container have been pre sold (except one that is pink-contact us direct if you want to buy this). Any future orders placed now will be allocated for October’s shipment. The new factory in South Africa is now […]

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The Bad News: Kayaks Delayed Until August 26

07 May

Unfortunately the upcoming shipment of Sit On Top Pros’ kayaks many have been waiting for from South Africa has been delayed again.  The boats will arrive in Seattle August 26 and shipping out to customers that day. In the quest to triple production capacity, South Africa’s Roto Kayaks had trouble with one of it’s new […]

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Vagabond Kayaks’ Rudder System Install

09 April

Vagabond Kayaks are now available with a rudder upgrade for $300. Coming soon!

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Strait of Juan de Fuca

25 March

By Rob Casey Paddling the Strait of Juan de Fuca in Washington State is a unique semi-coastal experience. The Strait of Juan de Fuca is the waterway that connects the Pacific Ocean with Puget Sound and separates Washington State from Vancouver Island. The Strait is 80 miles long and roughly 13 miles wide. The waterway […]

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Installing a Sail Kit on Your Sit On Top

17 March
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