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Kids Re Entry Video

09 November

Why sit on top?  Here’s a 23 second video that explains THE reason it’s safer.  From Whimpus Patheticus Productions.   Sit On Top and Stay Safe!!

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Vagabond Kayaks’ Podcast

04 November

Vagabond Kayaks’ founders Celliers Kruger and Lisa De Speville were recent guests on the South African podcast Get Outdoors.  Take a listen to their story and you’ll understand exactly why they design kayaks the way they do.  

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Progression of a Revolutionary Kayak Part

20 October

By Jim Marsh Swell Watercraft set out to build a faster, more comfortable sit on top kayak.  The big idea was to lower the footwells all the way, just like a sea kayak.  The added performance would be a game changer.  But what to do with the excess water that filled into the cockpit?  We […]

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Outfit your Surf Ski for Safety – 3 Easy Tips

12 October

By Rob Casey Whether you’re paddling solo or with friends, outfitting your surf ski for safety and carrying these basic items will give you more confidence knowing you’ll be better prepared for rough water or a swim. Attach Leash Between the Back Deck and your PFD Side Straps Most surf skiers use a short leash […]

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Flotsam and Jetsam: Beach Trash Art

11 October

By Rob Casey It all started with finding plastic bags and other ‘garbage’ while on a beach walk at our favorite beach on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula. We started to pick up the items with the goal of cleaning the beach. We knew some of the items floated in but wondered if others were dropped by […]

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Stealth Fusion 480 Features Walk Through Video

06 October

  http:// Stealth Kayaks’ Brett Chellenor walks through the features of Stealth Kayaks’ first ever plastic boat.  

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Stealth Fusion 480- Part 2

15 July

Stealth Kayaks’ Brett Chellenor and Vagabond Kayaks’ Celliers Kruger discuss their “fusion” of ideas that lead to the first ever polyethylene Stealth fishing kayak.

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Railblaza C-Tug Kayak Trolley – Assembly and Strap Setup

15 July
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Kayak Downwinding in Seattle

09 July

by Rob Casey Where I live in Seattle on Puget Sound its 80 miles to coastal surf, so we take advantage of every other type of waves we can get. We surf waves from freighters and tugs, stern wakes from recreational boats and also waves from wind.  When the wind blows in Seattle, we’re paying […]

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Launch a Fishing Kayak in the Surf Zone

07 June

with Jeff Herman

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