WEIGHT:60 lbs

CAPACITY: 441 lbs


South Africa’s Stealth offers the finest ocean fishing kayaks on the planet. These mythical surfski-like boats are now available in the USA and delivered in just a few days.

The Fisha 500 incorporates the maximum stability of the line. Designed for speed and performance but with maximum stability in mind, the Fisha is comfy on fresh or saltwater.

The Fisha has an innovative live bait well with an inlet and outlet. This allows fresh water to enter and old water to exit out the bottom of the kayak. The large central hatch access the hull and can be used for big fish, camping gear, and has rod stow attachments. It has convenient venturi holes, which drain the foot area when you paddle forward.

It’s much more than a beautiful kayak. The Fisha is fast. It’s faster than most kayaks on the water, regardless of just fishing kayaks. It is not as fast, however, as the Pro Fisha series, which is said to be about 1mph faster.

There are other considerations when choosing between the two different Stealth series. What you lose out in speed you make up in stability, which can be very important when you’re battling a 40 lb. Tuna in violent conditions.

For ultimate fishing performance, get the Fisha 500. Performance, stability, speed, ultimate fish-ability. Whether your fishing big or small, fresh or salt, day or overnight, this kayak does the job correct.

Special Features

– Central Fish Hatch with built in rod shoot for storage while making rough launches and landings.

– Live Bait Well churns water to make your live bait live a very long time.

– Fiberglass Rudder System gives excellent turning and maneuverability, adjusts easily.

– Trawling Rod Holders behind the seat for fishing as well as 90 Degree Rod Holders.

– Venturi Scuppers to exit any water that collects in the cockpit.

– Bow Paddle Mount with protective mat to prevent slippage.

– 8″ Rear Hatch, Paddle Holders, Grab Handles, Bungee Cords.



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