Swell Watercraft Scupper 14 Rudder Kit



Do it yourself Scupper 14 rudder installation kit.  The Sealect Designs TruCourse rudder system fits perfectly on the Scupper 14.  This is currently our favorite rudder available anywhere.

-Sealect Designs’ TruCourse Rudder System
-(2) Cable Housing 9′
-(2) Cables 10.5′
-Marine Grade Rope- 6′
-(2) Pedals with Rudder Control Track
-4″ Hatch with Red Insert Bag
-TruCourse Rudder Grudgeon
-Sealect Clamcleat Micro
-Small Pad Eye
-Large Pad Eye
-Cleat Ball
-Shrink Tubing- 6″
-(4)Cable Clamps- 3/16″
-(4)Cable Crimps
-(2) #10-32 Stainless Machine Screws- 3/8″
-(18) Stainless Screws- 3/8″