WEIGHT:66 lbs

CAPACITY: 335 lbs


Speed. That is what the Marimba is all about.

It is not a racing kayak, of course, but as far as recreational sit-on-tops go, this is one of the fastest in the world. That’s because the Vagabond guru designed this one for himself. South Africa focuses on racing + river marathons and long multi- day expeditions. Celliers Kruger designed the Marimba to deliver pure performance that keeps you moving faster, even when you’re carrying 3 weeks of gear and supplies.

The deck is typical of all Vagabond’s sit-on-tops. It has a really comfortable seat and the feet are positioned lower than the bum, making it easy to sit in it for hours. The Paddle Cutaways on the deck, combined with the narrower hull, results in a very natural paddling stroke. If you are a racing paddler used to a wing paddle, this is a rec kayak that absolutely allows proper wing paddling technique.

This kayak is 100% ready for open ocean, and performs equally as well on rivers and lakes. The hull is designed along the same principles as the Kasai and Tarka, just narrower and longer. Experts will appreciate how it turns. Beginners will love the stability. It has really good glide, and it tracks nicely. Unless you intend to surf ocean swells, it is not really necessary to install a rudder.

So if you’re like Celliers, you love to go fast and you love long trips, get yourself this kayak. You can decide if you want to tour guide, dive, catch fish, marathon river race, camp or lead an expedition later. The Marimba does them all well.

Special Features

-Poly2 Double Layer Plastic Shell makes your kayak lighter and stiffer.

-Scupper Venturis drain water from the cockpit.

-Three 8″ Screw Hatches, including one as a day hatch.

-Double Handed Side Grab Handle Grip for easy carrying.

-Clip Rings for thigh straps. Bottle Holder. Paddle Holder. Drain Plug.



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