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WEIGHT:48 lbs

CAPACITY: 265 lbs


The Tsomo in a word is…FUN.

It’s compact length helps you turn on a dime. At 9′ it’s not designed for long distances, but it has advanced ergonomics that make it perfect for long days, or paddlers with bad backs.  No need for a backband, but one can be added easily.  The pointed nose and paddle cuts make for as natural stroke as you’ll find in a kayak.  This boat is perfect for beginners, people who share the boat with others, or experts looking to buy a short, convenient kayak that performs well.

The Poly2 plastic makes this kayak only 48 lbs, making this the top performing kayak we sell off the water.  Having a kayak that’s easy to load on a roof rack or carry to the water eases the whole process, and gets paddlers out on the water more often.  This is the quintessential grab-and-go, hit the water, have fun, come home, no-big-deal boat.

If you’re looking for performance + convenience the Tsomo is your huckleberry.

Special Features

-Venturi scuppers that remove water from the footwells.

-Tankwell big enough for a child or a dog to ride along.

-8″ hatch for gear storage.

-Bottle Holder

-Paddle rest

-Adjustable lowered footrests that are easily adjustable.

-Grab handles so one person can easily carry.