Scupper 14 Sold Out for August Container

July 13, 2021 by sitontop_kayak


The popularity of the Scupper 14 kayak is not slowing down, as all boats on the August 26 container have been pre sold (except one that is pink-contact us direct if you want to buy this). Any future orders placed now will be allocated for October’s shipment.

The new factory in South Africa is now running 100% and making the best Scupper kayaks ever. We now hope to get our stock replenished soon and not get so far behind again. Now that we have got kayaks on the way to the USA, we’ll expand to Chile, England, Finland, with another load headed to Puerto Rico soon. The new factory gives us 3 times the production capacity we previously had!

The new factory in South Africa

So what is available in the August container(as of 7/13/21)?
-Carbonology Boost LV
-Vagabond Mazowe
-(3) Vagabond Tsomo
-(3) Vagabond Kwando
-Scupper 14(PINK)

Swell’s new Scupper 12 kayak

The Swell Scupper 12 will also debut in the October container delivery. Thanks to all for the orders and thanks for your patience. Looking forward to getting more kayaks in stock and keeping it that way.

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