The Bad News: Kayaks Delayed Until August 26

May 07, 2021 by sitontop_kayak


Unfortunately the upcoming shipment of Sit On Top Pros’ kayaks many have been waiting for from South Africa has been delayed again.  The boats will arrive in Seattle August 26 and shipping out to customers that day.

In the quest to triple production capacity, South Africa’s Roto Kayaks had trouble with one of it’s new 3 kayak ovens.  It just so happened to be the oven that is responsible for making our most popular models:  The Swell Scupper 14 and the Stealth Fusion 480.   Factory owner/operator Celliers Kruger said it best.  “We couldn’t predict the amount of issues experienced on this machine.  It was like playing ‘whack a mole’.  Everytime we solved an issue, something else happened.  We finally got everything 100% this week and look forward to getting North America it’s boats.”

Now that all the problems have been smoothed out Sit On Top Pros will have the ability to get kayaks much faster than before.  Roto Kayaks factory produces kayaks for Vagabond, Swell Watercraft, Design and Stealth Kayaks.  

The Sit On Top Pros and Swell Watercraft apologize to any and all customers who put down pre payments.  The multiple breakdown of this machine were truly unexpected and somewhat spectacular.  We’re pleased to be on the other side of things, and look forward to filling your orders, including containers heading to Chile and Puerto Rico shortly after the North American load is prepared.

Thank you for your patience as we transfer to our new facility, which is necessary due to the worldwide popularity of these kayaks.

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